Webinar: Bill C-4 and its impact on you

Bill C-4 (the federal Budget Implementation Act) will limit our rights in collective bargaining, health and safety, and grievances.

More information on Bill C-4

To ensure our members have the facts and understand how this Bill will impact our work and our rights, PSAC is holding live and interactive webinars on December 9 and 10, 2013, as follows:

Monday December 9, 2013:

7:30pm French <Register>  [http://bit.ly/1bNg14t]
9:30pm English <Register> [http://bit.ly/1gKhnMK]
Tuesday December 10, 2013:

7:00pm English <Register> [http://bit.ly/1gKhA2v]
8:30pm French <Register> [http://bit.ly/1bNg8gr]
All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Share the link with other members and encourage their registration and participation

Consider organizing a local meeting and discussion around the webinar, participating as a group

The webinars will be recorded and made available for later viewing and sharing

Important notes about the webinar:

Please join the webinar a few minutes early to make sure you are able to log-in and address any technical problems in advance.

VOIP is available; however we find that dialing in to the toll free number on your phone while viewing the webinar on your computer may work better, depending our your computer and bandwidth.

The webinar may not work on all tablets.

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