Conservative MPs on Finance Committee reveal true intent of C-4

On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Robyn Benson and other union leaders, along with labour law experts, presented before the House of Commons Finance Committee on Bill C-4.  Yet the government scheduled their presentations after the deadline for changes to the legislation. 

“It is clear that this government had no intention of hearing our ideas from the start,” said Benson, “They are cramming through significant changes to labour law without debate or consultation with experts, stakeholders, or the opposition parties.” 

The questions asked by Conservative MPs at the Committee meeting also made it clear that the legislation is just part of the Conservative government’s broader attack on unions and workers’ rights.  The questions did not focus on the content of the legislation but on questions about public service workers’ absenteeism, pensions, and performance management, issues that are not part of collective bargaining. 

PSAC will continue to defend our members against these attacks on their rights - this time in the Senate.  Another presentation will be made on November 28 before the Senate National Finance Committee. 

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