Help us win your next grievance: Fight the budget bill

Earlier this year, you may have responded to PSAC’s on-line survey on alternation. We conducted that survey because in April we won a Policy Grievance at the Public Service Labour Relations Board. As a result of that win, several PSAC members have been able to alternate successfully. This means that today, several PSAC members who would have otherwise been laid off still have permanent jobs.

Our policy grievance win also forced the employer to treat alternation requests seriously and put alternation systems in place. In fact, more than 1800 alternations have now taken place since the cuts began in April 2012.

Now your employer, the Government of Canada, wants to take away the rights of the union to make gains like the PSAC did with the alternation policy grievance.

The government recently tabled Bill C-4, the “2013 Budget Implementation Act, Part 2.” That bill includes sweeping changes to the Public Service Labour Relations Act. Among those changes, Bill C-4 would prohibit the union from filing policy grievances in situations where an individual grievance could have been filed. The law would prevent the union from filing the kinds of policy grievances like the one on alternation.

We must fight hard to defend the collective agreement rights we have by opposing this bill, through the grievance process, and through membership and public mobilization.

To do this, we need your help: 

In solidarity,

Robyn Benson
National President
Public Service Alliance of Canada

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