10 things that PSAC does for you every day

  1. We negotiate strong contracts
    We negotiate strong contracts for thousands of workers infederal and territorial governments, as well as in provincially and territorially regulated organizations. This means PSAC members can benefit from job protection and decent working conditions.
  2. We support members on and off and the job
    We’re leaders when it comes to negotiating supportive leave provisions, flexible work arrangements, paid maternity and parental leave.
  3. We enforce what we negotiate
    Our locals, elected officers and staff members work with members to use the grievance procedures in our contracts to address workplace problems.
  4. We provide legal support
    Our legal team defends the rights of PSAC members and fights back against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  5. We pay attention to health and safety
    We take health and safety seriously, from joint health and safety committees to advocating for employer recognition of the causes of mental health issues.
  6. We work with community partners
    We partner with municipalities, provinces and other stakeholders to stand up for strong public services across Canada.
  7. We get the facts to fight cuts
    We commission independent reports that demonstrate the negative economic consequences of cutting government programs and services.
  8. We get our message out to members and the public
    Using our website, email, social media, traditional print publications and the news media, we work to keep our members informed and to promote our members and the work they do with the public.
  9. We advocate for you with elected officials
    We meet and correspond with politicians and their staff, make submissions and appear before Parliamentary committees to let them know how legislation affects our members.
  10. We negotiate extra benefits and discounts
    We arrange for discounts on health, home and car insurance, credit cards, hotel and travel

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